Holy Holy // Tambourine Girls @ Rad Bar, Wollongong // Friday October 31st

HolyHolyOn Friday night I was reunited with Wollongong’s one and only Rad Bar, super keen to catch Holy Holy and The Tambourine Girls. Using Halloween inspired adjectives the night was a real treat, full of hauntingly beautiful vocals and silky guitar work.

The Tambourine Girls hit the stage, or rather the floor (Rad Bar doesn’t have a stage), and played a pretty awesome set. Having never seen them before I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were not girls at all, despite the suggestions of their band name, and belted out a classy, sophisticated indie rock set. They definitely inspired me enough to go hunt out their soundcloud and get a second dose during the rainy Satruday avo that followed.

Holy Holy came out and just rocked it from the outset. Rad bar isn’t known for its great acoustics, but these guys had their sound bouncing off the walls perfectly from the outset. The vocals are always a highlight, but it isn’t until you’re in a small room with Tim Carrol belting out the lyrics that you truly appreciate how good that mans voice is. The guys played all the hits off the EP, ‘Impossible Like You’, ‘House of Cards’, new single ‘History’, and even gave us the pleasure of hearing a not fully perfected tune destined for next years album. It was sweet night, and has me pretty stoked for the Holy Holy album of 2014. Bring it on.

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Essick – Yakuza

Essick Image 1Essick is the bedroom duo of Freddy MacDougall and Ravi Das, and having been around the fringes for a while, finally announced themselves with the epic single ‘Yakuza’.

Essick has produced a couple of other solid tracks, but ‘Yakuza’ is a step up to the next level, with it just dropping this pulsing electronic beat that is nigh on irresistible. The freaking ridiculously fluid and catchy vocals of Freddy MacDougall (who just makes this track his own) have really highlighted the potential this twosome has, creating a textured listen that ebbs and flows perfectly. Lets hope these guys get out of the bedroom and on the road, because I definitely want to hear more of this.

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Gunns – The Fool

GunnsAttention! Attention! Indie surf rock heroes Gunns are hitting the road, complete with new single ‘The Fool’ to celebrate.

We have been singing the praises of these guys for a little while, along with their mates The Growl, HamJam, and all those other incestuous WA bands, and ‘The Fool’ is the perfect reason why. ‘The Fool’ is thick, creamy, viscous, bass driven surf rock that just lifts you off the ground letting the sonic vibes just soak into you through your pores. Its a delicate ambler, a real slow burner, but gee its satisfying. I can’t stop frothing.

Best bit – its for free download from here. So grab a copy and check out their impressive list of shows coming up.

Blue King Brown – All Nations

BKBAlways keen to make a statement, Blue King Brown have returned with new single ‘All Nations’, complete with provocative film clip to boot.

The inclusively themed track shreds the ears with a fiery mix of hip hop beats and reggae vibes. Its cool, its different, and its so damn catchy, enough to have me playing BKB on repeat, which is a big deal considering the clear indie pop persuasion we give off at this blog. With an album dropping in a couple of weeks, get excited for what is clearly going to be one flaming humdinger of an listen.

Holy Holy – History and Tour


Holy Holy are one of favourite bands of the last year, and ‘History’ just marks the reason their rise has been so damn impressive.

The duo has really nailed the art of building atmospheric, emotion soaked indie rock, with ‘History’ being a sonically slow textured ride into oblivion. They have this incredible ability to write songs that feel so thick and sentimental, and devise their musical arrangement such that despite the heavy feelings, their always seems to be an emptiness to the way their music hits the ears. Holy Holy write freaking awesome ballads that just have prefect temperament to really capture their brooding vibes, and ‘History’ is another prime example, that I can’t wait to hear live. With the guys on the road at the moment, don’t miss out, see the full dates here.

Tokyo Denmark Sweden – Got Me All Night

TDSTokyo Denmark Sweden are one of my favourite Sydney EDM bands and its great to see them returning to the fray with new single ‘Got Me All Night’.

Bounding with funky disco vibes, super smooth vocals and flawless production ‘Got Me All Night’ is a pretty epic electro pop number. Its loaded with those big synth hooks that just has you hanging, waiting for that big kick into the chorus so you can throw down your moves on the DF. A really nice return for the TDS guys and a big step in the right direction.

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