Top 10 Aussie EPs of 2011 (part 1)

So as I mentioned in my Top 10 Albums of 2011, I was going to cover my favourite EPs for 2011 seperately. I imagine many of these bands will release full length albums in the coming 12 months, and I will ensure to update you guys as the bands release details. Anyway, here is the finished product and let me know what you think!

10) Summer Catalogue –  The Cairos.  Although Brisbane band, the Cairos, don’t tread any new ground with this indie rock album, it is very listenable. But as an indie rock fan, this did enough to scrape in at number 10. Unfortunately I was unable to find a quality youtube clip, there are a couple of live versions there, but you can download and listen to ‘Summer Catalogue’ here.

9) King Cannons EP (Self Titled) – King Cannons. Ok, so these guys are technically from across the ditch, hailing from Auckland to be precise, but have recently been calling Melbourne home, and have hence been included. They released a solid EP, that combined the deep powerful vocals of Luke Yeoward (complete with Kiwi accent), bongo drums, and the classic rock band sound, with great results. I’m looking forward to the release of their first full length album in early 2012.

8 ) We Left EP – Rufus. Now I’m not usually into dance music, but the Sydney trio known as Rufus has managed to blend my love for indie rock, with a bit of folk and a substantial chunk of electronica to make a really cool and unique sounding EP. Touted as the next Midnight Juggernauts, I’m sure Rufus will become more popular in 2012. As a side-note you can download most of the songs of the EP here at their Triple J unearthed page, what legends.

7) Golden Revolver EP – San Cisco. Arising from the Fremantle on the West Coast this four-piece released a pretty sexy number in their title track, Golden Revolver. The other songs maintain the same happy-go-lucky feel for listen that cannot help but leave you smiling.

6) Snakadaktal EP (Self Titled) - Snakadaktal. If you asked the five members of Snakadaktal where they would be this time last year, I doubt their reply would come any near current reality. They have released a very soothing EP with the vocals of lead songstress Phoebe Cockburn, and male counterpart Sean Kelly, mixing beautifully (particuarly in ‘Air’) along with the rest of the band that cannot help but leave you feeling stress free.


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