Oliver Tank

Coming out of Sydney is Oliver Tank, a low tempo electronica artist who released his first EP, “Dreams”, in October of this year.

“Dreams” is also such an appropriate name as Tank manages to blend a variety of instruments including, drums, guitar and keyboard with his soft and clear vocals to create what are essentially adult lullabies. Each song is in itself so well layered that if you don’t pay attention you miss the additional instruments that have been used. Tank describes his music as “different sounds organized to tell a story”, and whether you listen to a track individually or the entire six song EP, you cannot help but feel Tank is talking about a beautiful dream, so awe inspiring words struggle to describe it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in which case I think a track by Oliver Tank is worth 10,000.

These masterpieces have drawn comparisons to low tempo electro pioneer James Blake. Although I believe that doesn’t do Tank justice. I found James Blake random, his music disjointed and irritating, with the only reason he was a pioneer being because he was the first person with erratic clicks in his music to be given a record contract. Oliver Tank manages to piece together tracks that are soothing, soft and really flow.

However, given the success James Blake did have, it is likely that Oliver Tank will also occupy the same niche market. I have to say, having not enjoyed the slow tempo electronica in the past, I am a fan. You can check out Oliver Tanks EP in full here.

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