Russian Winters – Last Battles

In a world where there is so much generic music being produced it can be difficult to differentiate yourselves from the pack. However this a problem that young Western Australian indie rock quintet Russian Winters have managed to overcome easily.

The bands debut album “Last Battles” was released in October of this year, and has recently come to my attention with their crafty mix of brass instruments and good old indie rock. If you have read some of our other posts, you would know that the crew at aussieplaylist have a real love of brass instruments being mixed into modern music, so this band are right up our alley.

Track number 3, “Verhoeven”, emphasises just why we love the brassy sound of trumpets and horns in our indie rock. It is an awesome song, with authoritative drum beats, rejoicing trumpets and repetitive loud vocals reminiscent of a battle cry, which may be a reference either to the director of Starship Troopers or perhaps the Triple J presenter  in a bid to get airplay. Regardless, it has worked.

The album contains an array of other solid rock tracks including first single, “Pacific”. I loved this song as it had everything you could ask for. It kicks off with a killer bass rift that remains throughout, has a brief stage of calm lyrics, explodes into a stomping chorus with yet another catchy trumpet tune before tapering out with a vocal harmony.

Whilst delivering some great indie rock, the band really show their versatility in the song “Put Me To Bed”. Lacking the intensity of some of the other tracks, it makes up for it in the emotion it creates. They cleverly use crackling silence and the gradual appearance of the piano tune to create quite a haunting piece, continuing the theme with faded guitar picks, before returning to that classic indie rock sound by the end of the song.

“Last Battles” was a great listen and given the bands successful inclusion of the trumpets into their already solid rock music, I’m really keen to try and catch Russian Winters when they come to Sydney on tour. Hopefully this album was just the battle cry and there is even better to come.



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