Holland – Not all Double Dutch

Brisbane indie folk quartet Holland have just released their debut EP, ‘No Control’, and we must admit its pretty sound for a first release (pun intended).

The title track ‘No Control’, combines some thoughtful lyrics with crisp vocals by lead singer Jarryd Klapper to tell a love story that most people can relate to, or at least appreciate. Although I can’t put my finger on it, there is something that really poignant about the way Holland plays. I’m not sure if it is the simplicity of the acoustic guitars or whether the aforementioned melancholy lyrics did it, but after listening to this track I was left with a feeling of satisfaction that not a lot of songs leave you with on the first listen.

“Eyes Wide Open” was the other studio recorded track and maintained the same feeling from ‘No Control’, being equally chilled. After listening to this track and then re-listening to ‘No Control’, Holland in some ways it remind me of a male version of Canadian indie songstress Feist. Which is not a bad thing.

Having supported Tim Freedman (of Whitlam’s fame) and Katie Noonan earlier this year, the boys are no strangers to performing and this is also shown in their EP, including live recordings of the songs ‘For You’ and ‘Interlude’. Given that Holland haven’t reached great fame (yet), the recordings were of surprisingly good quality, in fact the word perfect comes to mind. Its clear the band had avoided using dodgy equipment – you couldn’t hear a single person talking over the top, or fan ‘singing’ out of tune, leaving you only with what you want to hear, live music by Holland.

I just hope Holland release more tracks this year, or at least before this EP burns out from doing cycles in my cars CD player. A blissful debut album.

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