Good vs Evil

Good vs Evil are a twosome coming out of Melbourne who more than dabble in the indie electro scene.

Despite having only just finished the production of their first album (which will be released later this year), Jack Weaving and Steve Mowat (aka DJ Matik) are no strangers to the music scene. Weaving used to front Dukes of Windsor, who you may recall had a hit with ‘The Others’ ft TV Rock (you can refresh your memories here) and DJ Matik has been heavily involved in music production working with the likes of Bliss n Eso, Drapht and Pez.

There most recent track is called ‘Atom Bomb’ and combines fast paced drums with faded vocals and an overlying soft synth sound. A good
listen, the track takes off in the chorus where the musical intensity doesn’t just lift but skyrockets.

There other track that has been released to the public is ‘The Devils Ex’. This track keeps the high tempo beats going but has a more rock
band feel to the track – whilst remaining very danceable.  This is not surprising considering the boys say they wanted to mix hip hop and rock, and to be fair they have done a pretty good job.

Your appreciation for each of the songs also increases when you consider that this collaboration has largely been done long distance over
skype and email after Weaving moved to Berlin shortly after their chance meeting at a festival gave birth to Good vs Evil.

Given the great sound of both the tracks previewed and the experience of Weaving and DJ Matik in the industry it is likely that these boys
won’t remain unsigned and unknown for much longer.

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