Bleeding Knees Club – New Album Coming Soon

There has been a lot of hype about this punk-garage-indie duo from the Gold Coast, and it is only going to intensify with news they are going to release their first LP on February 27th entitled “Nothing to Do”.

Whilst the album is big news, the band have also announced that they are going to release the title single ‘Nothing to do’ on January 22nd as a sneak peak to the rest of the album. Yet there is still more, with the The Bleeding Knees Club also playing a five date tour in the UK during the week of their debut full length album release. A pretty hectic announcement all things considered.

The band began as all classic young bands do, in a garage. Yet since there humble beginnings the band has released their first EP in October last year entitled ‘Virginity’, was featured on Triple J and cracked the 2012 next crop.

Their debut 5 song, 11 minute EP was what really brought them the attention they deserved with several of scorching tracks in “Bad Guys”, “Have Fun” and “Teenage Girls”. Alex Wall is a rare breed, a drummer that sings, and he does so in that classic raw scrathy punk voice. Lyrically there is no try hard factor that you see with so many young bands, its literally like they sat down and wrote exactly whats on the mind of a 20 year old, beer, women and partying. Add Jordan Malane smashing out on the guitar and together you have a pacey, energetic, catchy-as-hell, punk-indie garage band that is the Bleeding Knees Club – coming to a store near you this Feb!

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