Twerps LP – Jessica Alba Likes Them

If any of you have been on twitter and subscribe to Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba), then you would have seen this tweet below, promoting Melbourne garage pop group Twerps and their song ‘Dreaming’.

God knows how Jessica Alba came across them, especially considering that she lives in the US and that The Twerps have only just released their first self titled LP which ‘Dreaming’ is off, in October of last year. Nonetheless, I don’t blame Jessica Alba for listening to them, as the song does deliver a pretty solid listen.

The track combines melancholy vocals, reverb-laced guitar riffs and steady drumming to make a very chilled sound that could almost be right out of the 70s. The chorus also has what sounds like a flute playing a sweet little melody just to top off the relaxed feel, and to be honest makes the choice of ‘Dreaming’ as the title, totally appropriate.

The debut LP from last October (which is where I first heard this song) was one of the under-hyped albums of 2011, with several other great 70s-esque tracks in ‘This Guy’ and ‘Bring Me Down’  (and obviously ‘Dreaming’). Whilst each song varies musically, they maintained the relaxed hazy, waning guitars for that chilled sound. This is also reflected lyrically with the songs revolving around getting high, drunk and chilling out. Yet the Twerps do mix it up, and have a 5 minute ‘Jam Song’ which is exactly as it sounds, a raging jam right in the middle of the album, with vocals so loose that they were clearly an after thought.

You can listen to their LP in full above, courtesy of the bands soundcloud profile. If your pushed for time, check out the song that got Jessica Alba interested at the bottom of the page. If I was the Twerps I would get a Twitter account (and follow us @aussieplaylist) and cash in on my publicity and recruit some more fans and followers – especially if one is Jessica Alba.

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