English Avenue – Australia’s answer to the Kooks

Coming out of the Hills District in Sydney is four-piece ‘English Avenue’ who show shades of ‘The Kooks’ in delivering some awesome indie rock tunes.

Their debut EP ‘Waiting for the Sun’ dropped last August and includes a couple of killer indie tracks such as ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Josh’s Fake Song’. The band have such an awesome British-indie sound and you can definately draw comparisons to the Kooks from the music all the way to the vocals – which is not a bad thing.

‘Josh’s Fake Song’ and ‘Saturday Night’ are my picks off their EP with both best described as being catchy as all hell. ‘Saturday Night’ in particular grabs your attention with an amazing step-laddering guitar hook right from the first note, which continues for the whole track. Add the drums, jumpy bass line, and crisp happy vocals from Harry Oliver and you have one enthusiastic, jump up and down, strut down the street indie rock tune and its awesome.

‘Josh’s Fake Song’ shows the same shades of Brit-pop as in ‘Saturday Night’, but with a much more pronounced use of drums, which are played by George Oliver. The song pulses with each bass and drum infused loop, before being quite pleasantly interrupted by another catchy guitar riff which Tim Uren seems to play so well. Whilst the song sings about the well covered topic of teenage angst and how to approach girls, “Every time I see your face, I can never find the words to say”, the upbeat tempo seems to give the track a fresh original feel.

The best thing about this EP is that its not one good song and then add a couple of demo tracks, each of the songs is worth the listen. You should also check out the bands cover of Valerie which is solid. With big things touted for them in 2012, writing more songs and touring, I’m sure that English Avenue won’t disappoint.


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