Bella Johnston – The Best Find of 2012?

Armed with only an acoustic guitar and an amazing voice, I am already sure that Bella Johnston will be the acoustic/roots find in Australia for 2012. I know right – big call considering its only January.

Showing shades of Angus and Julia Stone, Bella delivers what has to be the most relaxing and calming of acoustic songs. Her voice is so angelic and allows every last string of  emotion in each song to shine through. It seems to have this fragility, that really conveys her naivety and innocence, which also come through strongly in her lyrics about young love and new experiences. I also think that the simplicity of her backing instrumentation, whilst also well done, really provides a solid platform for Bella’s voice to shine through as her main instrument.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a soundcloud page or a well titled youtube clip to share her sound with you, although the one at the foot of the page is still an amazing listen. The best I can do is point you to her unearthed page where you can listen and download her tracks ‘Shiny Hearts’ and ‘Hello, Hello, Hello’. Just a quick word of warning, once they are downloaded I guarantee you just can’t stop listening.

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  1. Pauly T
    February 5, 2012 at 12:16 pm (6 years ago)

    Please keep me in the loop on further comments. As her producer (Vista Sound Projects) we can let you know we are completing a mini-album due out first quarter this year. Bella is finishing HSC this year so is a little under-the-pump, but. we are preparing a press kit, website and video interview as we speak.

    Her mini-album will feature 8-9 original tracks all as good or better than Hello, hello, hello and Shiny Hearts, and yes just as catchy. Bella came to our attention in 2011 and has been in our pro-bono, artist development programme this year.

    We like your style: Keep up the good works Cheers,.Paul. 0412 122 825.


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