Red Ink – New EP March 2012

Despite only released a debut EP in 2010, Melbourne band Red Ink have already established themselves on the Australian music scene with their electrifying rock and scintillating live performances.

Whilst the band has been criticised for citing “Melbourne’s street violence” as an inspiration/influence in some of their music, it is easy to see the effect this theme has had on their music. Red Ink deliver a tough, loud and confident rock sound that feels reminiscent of a warning signal to stay away. Yet the music is not just a rambling of drums and guitars, being well organised and combined with the vocals of John Jakubenko, delivers an awesome and somewhat catchy sound.

Their breakthrough single in 2010 ‘Battlescars’, epitomises the bands tough feel and confidence whilst being a great listen. It has a catchy as hell chorus with some good hi-hat work by drummer Aaron Sim, a solid guitar hook by Brendan Jones, and the aggressive vocals of Jakubenko mixing so well. The other thing I love about this track is the large bass presence, particularly between the choruses which is able to both diffuse the last chorus and provide a platform  to leap into the next one.

The good news is that Red Ink have announced the release of abother EP called ‘The Colour Age’ which comes out this March (All March releases can be found here). Pretty exciting stuff, and an album that I am sure will be infused with the same style of aggressive  Aussie rock. I cannot wait to listen to it!

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