Shannon Lee – Played on Disney

Melbourne singer Shannon Lee delivers a classic layered pop sound that has already gained some attention in the US on Disney radio with ‘Fighting Yesterday’, and is sure to gain more fans when she drops her debut EP ‘I Know You Are, But What Am I’ later this year.

Whilst the band doesn’t really push any boundaries and are easily pigeonholed into the ‘pop’ category, having heard ‘The Way’ and ‘Fighting Yesterday’ I can conclude they deliver a sound that is very easy listening.

The vocals of Shannon Lee are pretty, soft and sweet allowing them to mix with the low intensity rock really well. Instrumentally, the music features your standard rock outfit, low-fi drums, bass, and electric guitar, but seems to play second fiddle to Lee’s vocals. It is almost as though the music is written to accentuate the vocals, and I think the sound could come in leaps and bounds if the band had a little more of a musical punch on each of their tracks.

Shannon Lee is a difficult one to critique as she hasn’t really done anything major wrong in the way her music is played and put together. It is sweet, easy listening, but just seems to lack the punch or uniqueness that so many other bands have and need to succeed. I still have high hopes, and I think the solution may be as simple as a heavier bass line, or drum solo just to grab your attention. I’m sure the answer will come when they work together and with some pros for their upcoming EP.

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