Palms – Remnants of the Red Riders

Sydney two piece ‘Palms’ have not yet been together for a year, but are no strangers to the Aussie music scene with both members Tom Wallace and Alexander Grigg having formally been in Sydney band ‘Red Riders’ which broke up during the 2011 winter.

Whilst the rest of the band went on to other things, Wallace and Grigg kick started new project ‘Palms’ because they realised they liked making music too much to stop, which is a pretty good reason to be honest. Whilst ‘Red Riders’ music was a constant barrage of sound with off-kilter rhythms, waning guitars and distortion style bass, ‘Palms’ is a little less intense and more in the surf-rock category with bands such as Wavves.

Their first released song, ‘Summer is Done With Us’ is the ultimate anti-summer song, best characterised by the lyrics “Lets go where it (summer) can’t follow us”. The track has a real 60s feel with the waning guitars, step-laddering keyboards and energetic drumming, and contains more instruments than the members can play, which suggests that Tom and Al may have some recruiting to do. The vocals are somewhat reserved and mix well with the instrumentation, with the track swapping between times of music and then vocal domination. Its a pretty spritely and upbeat track, and luckily can be downloaded for free here at Palms unearthed page.

Given that ‘Palms’ love making music, I doubt it will be too long before a demo tape, first official single, or EP is released. Until then I’m going to encourage the arrival of winter by listening to ‘Summer is Done with Us’.


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