Re:Enactment – Sport LP

Brisbane indie electro quartet Re:Enactment, consisting of   Jacob Hicks, Shane Rudken, James Grundy and Sam Mitchell, have been playing gigs together since 2007 and released their debut LP ‘Sport’ last year.

Having already established themselves as one of Queensland’s premier live acts with their dirty electo rock beats, released two EPs in ‘Kittens’ and ‘Regicide’, the LP ‘Sport’ was definitely overdue. I am glad to say the album is a pretty good listen and has a couple of sweet tracks, especially in ‘Higher Duties’ and ‘Too Much’.

‘Problematic’ is the only track to have received airplay, and I admit that I love the way the heavy electro beat is progressively intruded by the high pitched keyboard, then drums, and finally vocals. Its a fun and bouncy track, with its bass soaked synth perhaps drawing comparisons as a poor mans presets – they are just missing an amazing loop to really take the track to the next level.

The band also show their versatility in the low tempo, vocals dominated piece ‘Too Much’. Compared to their more energetic electro infused tracks, you would struggle to believe it is the same band, with it being a lot less complicated/overbearing in relation to the backing instrumentation, and delivering a really relaxing listen.

I am surprised that my favourite track ‘Higher Duties’ hasn’t received more of a look in at Triple J, especially considering that ‘Problematic’ was played. It is a lot lighter on the bass, makes a better utilisation of Hicks vocals and shows off more of the bands indie sound. It also contains a pretty sweet guitar solo and build-up to the final chorus between the 3 to 4 mintue mark.

‘Sport’ was a pretty good effort, and a good listen, but I can’t help but feel Re:Enactment are missing something to take their music to the next level. I don’t know if they need to add that one super catchy loop I referred to, or relax the level of bass slightly, but you listen to the music and it doesn’t grab your 100% attention. Hopefully their next album will deliver that progression I am looking for.

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