Little Casino

Little Casino are a five piece band from Brisbane who are producing some pretty crisp indie surf rock, releasing their first EP ‘Little Casino’ and single ‘Golden Shadow’ in the second half of last year.

The good thing about Little Casino is that unlike some bands who get unearthed, where the music is better than the vocals or vice-versa, Little Casino have an awesome musical sound and the stunning vocals of Ben Forbes to match. Forbes fills the tracks with nostalgic lyrics and his crisp clear vocals manage to adapt and convey varying amounts of emotion depending on the track.

The fourth track from their self-titled EP, “You Came For Me”, is a slow moving number where the lyrics to really come through to show the emotion I mentioned earlier. It details a somewhat dysfunctional relationship, that despite all the fall outs and hardships  still seems to survive, with the title lyrics “you came for me”  being so powerful.

The other tracks on their EP are also pretty solid. There is the upbeat “Hold Your Dreams”, that must surely epitomise Little Casinos rise from oblivion, the more folky swaying number “Do You Know” and smooth layered piece “Nothing Left to Lose”.

Single “Golden Shadow” is much more up beat number, characterised by a constant high tempo drum beat with guitar and bass backing. The vocals are a solid as ever, but the factor that sells this track to me, is the catchy as hell guitar riff that kicks in between verses. Its just one of those happy tracks that has so much energy you can’t help but get swept into it.

The thing that sticks with Little Casino is that each of their tracks is just so damn catchy, its a shame that listening to their whole catalogue of publicly released music only takes 20 minutes to listen to. I cannot wait for more.

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