The Guppies

This Novocastrian 3-piece have managed to put together a song that everyone can relate to, its called “I Never Liked Mondays”.

Since being Triple J Unearthed High Finalists last year, an impressive feat considering the band only formed for the purpose of the competition, guitarist (and vocals) Lachlan Morris, drummer Angus Geraghty and bassist James Hodgett have been busy working on an EP they hope to release next year.

Despite the EP release still pending, the boys have managed to produce several raw indie tracks, which you can check out in full on their soundcloud and unearthed profiles found here/here. The aforementioned and coincidentally most popular song “I Never Liked Mondays”, has a real stripped back sound with twangy guitars, loud simple drum patterns and scratchy vocals. Yet despite being a little simplistic, the song works, its catchy and you cant help but enjoy listening to it.

The band really shows its punk side in the much darker “Murder in the Dark”, “Glass Jaw” and only semi-darker piece “Pea Soup”. Compared to “I Never Like Mondays”, these tracks have heavier drum beats, a larger bass presence and vocals that seem to be  slightly yelled as opposed to sung. The band do show shades of ‘Nirvana’ particularly in “Pea Soup”, stated as one of their influences on their unearthed site, but you can’t help but feel “Murder in the Dark” is influenced by the early stuff  from ‘The Living End’.

It will be interesting to see whether ‘the Guppies’ will particularly opt to embrace their raw indie or punk sides as they develop. Regardless we will enjoy watching these small fry as they grow into bigger fish.


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