Millions – Music Guru’s

Brisbane indie pop vandals Millions are yet to release their debut EP, but given the success and amazing sounds of their two singles ‘Those Girls’ and ‘Guru’, there could be big things to come for this band in 2012.

All four members have been involved in other musical projects, Dominic Haddad (Moonfleet), Campbell Smith (Comic Sans), James Wright (Stature::Statue, Young Men Dead, Gung Ho) and Steve Kempnich (Goldentones), but I think they have really found their place in Millions, if their released tracks (‘Guru’ and ‘Those Girls’) are anything to go by.

‘Guru’ kicks off with amazing beach boys-esque surfy drum roll before jumping into a catchy upbeat indie tune. It has an amazing guitar hook that runs throughout the track and is rewarded with a solo around the 1:45 mark asa prelude to the final chorus. The drumming complements the guitars well, whilst the vocals are outstanding. Lyrically the song is well written, mixing it up, and I like the way there is no real break between the chorus and verses. ‘Guru’ is just an awesome listen.

The opening bass rifts in ‘Those Girls’ make it an instant toe tapper, grabbing your attention and pulling you into the track. It reminds me very much of some of the early Arctic Monkeys songs, but the Aussie tinge in the vocals is clearly distinguishing. The guitars and drums combine well to make quite a pulsating beat throughout the piece, but mix it up with some clever breaks and changes in tempo, best characterised by the break before the awesome buildup to the final chorus. The vocals were well sung, and the back up harmonies really complimented the instrumentation. ‘Those Girls’ is a track you can’t help but strut to.

Both these tracks are off their forthcoming debut EP to be released later this year. Until then you can download them from their unearthed page. I cannot wait for more tracks, these two are being played on repeat on my iPod currently and I want more! Heres to hoping Millions keep delivering the goods, they have so far.

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