Who Invited The Wolf?

Who Invited The Wolf? are an crazy, energetic bunch and an act not to be missed if you appreciate the magic of live music. With heavy beats, fast guitars and strong, passionate vocals, Who Invited The Wolf? deliver a fresh sound, that’s vibrant and in-your-face.

Having seen them live, these guys sell us nothing short of a performance. Frontman Phil is loud and passionate but what makes him a cut above the rest is his ability to get the crowd involved, or more so involve himself in the crowd. Expect to feel a part of the stage and even feel the intense heat of an energetic performer as Phil isn’t shy to sing centimetres away from your face or chuck a one man mosh across the floor. This character teamed up with their intense, unique sound is surely something to instantly grab you and make you recognise that this is no ordinary band.

What you should expect to see from a typical Who Invited The Wolf? show is a bunch of dudes who know how to play music and enjoy doing it. Your ears should expect to hear a unique progressive sound; a beat that you can feel in your chest, guitars with speed and precision and vocals that are full of passion without the unnecessary growling.

The only downside, and this occurs with many great musicians, is that sometimes the digital recordings just don’t do them justice. This is definitely the case with Who Invited The Wolf? as they bring so much life, energy and excitement into their songs through their live performances. So get down to a show and don’t be scared to get amongst it right up front; you have not experienced all that these guys have to offer if you watch them from behind a crowd of people.

You can get a taste of the boys’ infectious sound from tracks ‘Don’t Call Me Shakespeare’ and ‘Say Three Things in German’, off their demo streaming on their triple j unearthed page. They are also very excited to release their debut EP, which they recently recorded with international producer Kris Crummett, and is due for release in the next couple of months – I can’t wait!


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