Velociraptor – Pack Hunters, Pack Muscians

If you have seen Jurassic Park (specifically Jurassic Park 2) you would know that Velociraptors hunt in packs in the long grass, and it appears the same applies to some musicians such as 12 piece Brisbane outfit Velociraptor.

Whilst they aren’t hunting, they are making some of the most hard hitting and energetic indie rock tunes this side of the cretaceous period. Citing the Hives as one of their influences, it easy to see the impact they had on this band, particularly in the tracks ‘Sleep with the Fishes’ and ‘In the Springtime’, off their debut self titled EP from 2010.

In 2012, the band have released a new single ‘Cynthia’ and the Hives-esque sound has disappeared and been replaced with some retro 70s style indie rock, duly acknowledged in their videoclip. The reverb soaked guitars are back, along with the tambourines and bouncy baselines, in a fun tune about their summer fling called ‘Cynthia’. The choir of vocals sounds awesome, but its the bass line that gets me totally engrossed. The opening riff makes me feel warm inside and holds my attention for the whole track, whilst the rest of the instruments combine to leave me feeling totally satisfied. Its an amazing track and I really like the new direction the band took.

Given the long time between releases, I am hopeful that this single is the first course with an album to follow. Regardless do your best to try and catch Velociraptor as they tour the country for the release of ‘Cynthia’, and in support of DZ Deathrays – if not for the music, just to see how 12 people can fit and play on stage.


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