Emmy Bryce – Seven Days EP Review

Melbournite, Emmy Bryce and her band released their debut super catchy indie pop EP ‘Seven Days’ last week.

The lead single ‘Every Star Is a Setting Sun to Someone’ (Video Below) is a really fun, bouncy track. Triple Js Dom Alessio described it as being “cute without being overbearingly sweet” and I have to agree. The vocals are amazing, Emmy Bryce can really sing, and the lyrics are also pretty well written. The supporting music really suits Emmy’s voice, with additional beats, tambourines, and even trumpets interjecting the baseline to create a very bouncy and cool sound. I can already feel that this track will remain in my playlist for a while.

But the best thing about this EP is that its not a one track album, the other tracks are great listens too! ‘Infinity and Eternity’ is surely the next to be released single, and if not, it should be. It is as equally enjoyable as ‘Every Star Is a Setting Sun to Someone’, with strong sweet vocals, thundering drum beats, and the inclusion of strings just to spice things up further. Its another really cool track, so cool you MUST listen to it in the soundcloud clip below.

The rest of the EP is well worth a listen, with each track bringing something different to the table. ‘Hit the Ground’ has great keyboard overlay, title track ‘Seven Days’ sees another great collaboration of the strings and drums, whilst the EP ends with the happy and bouncy track ‘All We Need Is A Song’.

I must say this has been one of the most bouncy and fun EPs I have reviewed, and am looking forward to hearing the next installment from Emmy Bryce. Until then you can stream her EP here, download two tracks off the EP here and find out about her upcoming tour with Kate Vigo here. I am very keen to catch her live, such a great sound.

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