The Preachers – What We Have Been Praying For!

Sydney pop-rock five piece The Preachers have released their killer single ‘Take A Card’ which is off their impending second EP due to drop this April.

‘Take A Card’ is characterized by the amazing mix of Gideon Bensen’s deep blusey voice with the smooth vocals of Isabella Manfredi. These two just sound awesome together. The chorus is pretty sick too, the guitars, bass and keys all bounce off every note together, and showcase a great blend of pop rock. To be honest ‘Take a Card’ has a bit of everything, amazing vocals, great instrumentation, and it mixes it up through the track with the bouncy chorus and simple verses. I really like this song, after I first heard it on Triple J I just had to find it and play it again (and again).

The great news is that The Preachers have their EP coming out soon. If the rest of the songs are as enjoyable and well done as ‘Take A Card’ we could be in for a real treat. I am excited. Although April isn’t far, you can download ‘Take a Card’ from The Preachers unearthed profile and get ready for the rest of the EP!

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