Courtney Barnett – Tell It As It Is

Courtney Barnett is both a person and a band, and will be releasing their debut EP ” on April 2nd which is sure to feature some pretty relaxed guitars and very amusing lyrics.

Courtney Barnett has received a bit of airplay on Triple J for her tracks ‘Lance Jr’ and ‘Scotty Says’ and which both feature this really laid back and chilled sound. It really is something different and I have to say I like it.

‘Lance Jr’ is my favourite of the two tracks on her unearthed profile and opens up with the instantly attention grabbing lyric “I masturbated to the songs you wrote”. I said it was attention grabbing! The song then continuous its colourful tell it as it is story, but does so with an amazing mix of low-fi instrumentation. The guitars wane, the drums are steady, and the vocals by Courtney Barnett are so casually sung but yet so enjoyable and effective. It is a really unusual but enjoyable track, so check it out.

Listening to these two songs does have me looking forward to getting my hands on what is definitely going to be an interesting little EP.

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