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Winters End – New Track and Tour


Sydney threesome Winters End have just released their new track ‘Footsteps’ and are about to announce an East Coast tour to celebrate its release.

New track ‘Footsteps’ is a low-fi pop tune dominated by some awesome piano melodies and the super smooth vocals of Marissa Pinto. The drumming is quite progressive, and uses a great mix of hi-hat and bass beats in the build-up to the chorus. I really like  the type of sound ‘Footsteps’ provides. I especially like the way the drums and piano mix so sweetly, and the vocals are quite strong and help to make a track that is really something different. Below is a little montage of the track, but you can download ‘Footsteps’ for free at Winters End’s unearthed page.

The band are also planning to tour the East Coast, doing a couple of shows in Melbourne, Wagga, some  venues on the NSW South Coast and Wollongong, before travelling back to Sydney to end the tour with a big homecoming show. So keep your eyes and ears peeled, and we will update you as show dates are confirmed.


OXBLVD – Sleazy Folk Rock

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OXBLVD (pronounced Ox Blood) are a indie-folk four piece from Sydneys Northern Beaches and having seen them make an appearance supporting The Rubens last week I can profess that they deliver a pretty kick ass set.

The vocals by Ed Worland are pretty sensational and the band more than backs him up. ‘Oh Oh’ is a cool little folk tune that will have you dusting off your boots and boogieing in your barn before the end of the first bar. It is quite reminiscent of early Kings of Leon, which is never a bad thing. The drumming is tight and drives the song along well, but I particularly love the guitar solo around the 1.30 mark. It was at that point in the song I was like ‘these guys are awesome,  where are these guys playing next?’. Its a pretty cool little track. I have included a live version of ‘Oh Oh’ below, but if you want to listen to the song in the best quality I suggest you visit their unearthed page and have a listen there.

The other track I was able to hunt down was ‘Tease Me’.  Listening to this song, you can almost taste the cheap whisky and grungy smell of that local pub that is so gross you never go in, it is sleazy folk rock at its best. Yet I am a little devastated these were the only songs I could find, because OXBLVD delivered a pretty sweet set, and I want more. Here’s to hoping an EP isn’t far away.


The Griswolds – Colourful Chameleons


Sydney indie pop rockers The Griswolds absolutely blew me away when I saw them supporting The Last Dinosaurs at Oxford Art Factory last Saturday.

Their unearthed profile describes themselves as chameleons and with that knowledge their stage appearance now makes sense. They were covered in glow in the dark paint, their clothes were a massive variety of colours, and some guy was even rocking double denim. It all helped to add to a great happy, bouncy ‘we rock this show’ attitude the band showed on stage. And their music was pretty good too.

They have so far released one single, called ‘Mississippi’ and its a killer of a track. It opens with some great loud harmonies, and a nice hi-hat routine on the drums. The guitars soar, picking their way through some joyous riffs, and the vocals are happy and hit the high notes with finesse. Its a great happy, indie pop tune, and sounds amazing live. You can download this song for free on their unearthed profile, so be sure to check it out.

Unfortunately this is the only track they have released, and I am devastated I couldn’t have bought their EP at the show, but it is apparently forthcoming. Their set was fun, and I particularly liked one thumping tune in which they had three members manning separate drums. If that is not cool and something different, I don’t know what is.

So keep you eyes and ears ready, because after watching their awesome set on Saturday I am really excited for future Griswold releases.

Slightly Left of Centre – Melbourne Pop Rock


In a time where peoples ears are being inundated with indie-pop-rock, Melbourne band ‘Slightly Left of Centre’  have, as their name suggests, managed to distinguish their sound from the rest of the pack.

In fact their debut single ‘Glorious Way’, which was released in August of 2010, has been one of the most played songs on my iPod in the last week or so since re-discovering it. I love the layering of the track. You get sucked in by the emotional piano work, then the driving beats kick in to get you running and before you know it your in the middle of a cracking track with a short but sweet guitar solo, waning bass and some thunderous work on the drum kit. The vocals delivered by Christian Murphy are smooth, deep and loud enough that in the glorious commotion of the instruments aren’t overshadowed. Overall the track mixes all its aspects so well I currently can’t get enough of it.

So the big news is that after a year in the making, SLOC are releasing their first album ironically called ‘The Right Direction’. It is due out later this year and given that they have had a year to work on the album and the musical prowess shown in ‘Glorious Way’ I am pretty sure that SLOC will deliver.

Tara Simmons – Where Do You Go Single


Tara Simmons has just released a new super catchy single called ‘Where Do You Go’ of her ‘It’s Not Like We’re Trying To Move Mountains’ album which is a good mix of dance and indie.

It is a pretty catchy track, that is very easy to bop along to. The synthesizers  are pushed pretty hard and are really the core element to the music, which helps create this really futurisitic feel to the music. Yet I like the way the cascading guitar riffs and backing drums are ever presence to clearly differentiate it from the clear cut dance music scene. I actually like Tara Simmons vocals in this piece to, although they are purposefully distorted it adds to the futuristic nature of the track.

In addition to the new single, there has also been a pretty funny music video released. It details a pretty unusual love romance story with a dog, which itself is looking pretty suave and star-wars-eque in his space goggles. Add some lasers and shots of Tara Simmons singing, and you have a clip that really encompasses the futuristic feel, and dancy vibes. Check it out…


Ben Wells and The Middle Names – House, Come Home EP Review


Every now and then something happens that makes you realise that Tasmania really is part of Australia and this EP by Ben Wells and the Middles Names is exactly that stimulus.

This six-piece from Hobart have produced an absolutely killer debut EP that combines everything we love about indie music. They have melodic keyboards, sweet violins, catchy guitar loops, a fantastic lead vocalist with the back-ups to boot. Its a crazy good EP, and its not surprising that several of the tracks have already gained some radio time.

My favourite track has to be ‘Hey’. It is a wicked duet mixing the smooth vocals of Ben Wells and the beautiful voice of Hannah Foley, that just commands your ears to listen. The instrumentation is impressive to, particularly the introductory section to the song. It starts with the percussion, followed by the guitars plucking away, then piano interjects and finally the chanting vocals with ‘Hey’. Its pretty cool.

Yet there are more great tracks such as ‘My Dear Summer’ which is that kind of chilled almost folky kind of music that you feel compelled to sing along to. Its fantastically well layered, with the keys, drums and guitars mixing flawlessly with the happy-go-lucky vocals of Ben Wells. This track is full of catchy melodies, and has more charm than anything I have listened to lately. It is just such a polite and friendly song and an awesome listen. Put simply –  I love it.

Each of the remaining 4 songs gives something different. ‘Sinners’ is a slow moving raw acoustic piece that verges on spoken word, that I cant help but feel it doesn’t suit the band as well as the sounds on the other tracks.’A Good Read’ is the heaviest of the tracks and reminded me of a heavy version of Irish band The Script. ‘River’ is more of a slow tune driven by the percussion of the egg shaker, but comprises a pretty cool piano solo that helps create a mega chilled track. ‘Robin Hood’ is their most popular track, and it uses some catchy hooks, beautiful harmonies and driving beats to tell an interesting love story.

The whole album has charm leaking out of it. Its just clean indie fun. I have been made into quite the Ben Wells and the Middle Names fan, and am looking forward to their future releases.

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