Dirt Farmer – Great Crop of Songs

Dirt Farmer are an indie-pop quintet from Melbourne that have already released a couple of great singles and are now about to release their debut EP’Gladstone Street Circus’ later this month.
Dirt Farmer have created their own unique blend of sophisticated low-fi indie pop that is characterised by Stuart Barlow’s strong vocals and the warm, soft near perfect mix of sound in the backing instrumentation.
Their debut single released mid last year was ‘Johnny Marble’ and this track shows of perfectly what I mean by the perfect mix of sounds. It has the steady but relaxing percussion, the tone setting guitar riffs,  and even some interjections from the almighty harmonica. This combined with the smooth soothing vocals creates a song that makes you ears melt. Its like drinking an icy cold beer on a hot stressful day, it doesn’t matter what has happened up to now but having heard this song, its knocked the edge off and totally relaxed me – its an absolute cracker.
Yet its not like Dirt Farmer have only managed to do this once, but their unearthed profile has 2 more great songs in ‘Kick It’ and ‘Real Young’. ‘Kick It’ is a well written, slightly more uptempo track, containing some clever breaks, and some absolutely killer hooks at the end of each chorus. Whilst ‘Real Young’ is a little more similar to ‘Johnny Marble’ due to its low-fi nature, but builds up progressively and makes a nice use of harmonies and back-up vocals for another really chilled listen.
Dirt Farmer’s Gladstone Street Circus EP comes out in two weeks and if you’re in Melbourne you can catch them at their April 20th EP Launch show at Yah Yah’s (ticket info). Alternatively you can also see them supporting the Rubens on April 12th, or Last Dinosaurs in May. Needless to say I think Dirt Farmer will be going places, and I look forward to hearing the Gladstone Street Circus in full.

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