The Cairos – Cool New Single Shame (Updated)

Brisbane indie rock band the Cairos released an enjoyable EP last year called ‘Summer Catalogue’ which featured the Triple J played tune, ‘Listening Party’. In fact you can stream it in full here.

Since then the band have released a cool new track called ‘Shame’, which according to band member Alfio Alivuzza, “they never really saw much in” and has clearly exceeded expectations. I really like the drums in this track, they are not so much driving beats as in their other music, but rather cruising beats. A little less intense, but still providing direction for the song. The chorus refrain in ‘Shame’ is quite fun, with all the instruments seeming to bounce on that word, its a really cool effect. Then, as with all songs by The Cairos, the guitars kick in impeccably with a sweet hook in that chorus.

Whilst ‘Shame’ doesn’t really create any new ground for the band, it is a really cool track and well worth the listen. I’m sure it will be included in the album the boys have started writing, although its release may still be a while off.

Regardless, other bands are clearly taking notice of these up and coming indie rockers, with The Cairos due to support fellow Aussie bands Bluejuice and Loon Lake on a tour this April. Pretty exciting stuff, so be sure to catch all three bands on what is guaranteed to be a good night out, details here.

Unfortunately there was no youtube clip I could find for this track, but the video has now been released so here is the updated version with the video clip – enjoy!

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