Tara Simmons – Where Do You Go Single

Tara Simmons has just released a new super catchy single called ‘Where Do You Go’ of her ‘It’s Not Like We’re Trying To Move Mountains’ album which is a good mix of dance and indie.

It is a pretty catchy track, that is very easy to bop along to. The synthesizers  are pushed pretty hard and are really the core element to the music, which helps create this really futurisitic feel to the music. Yet I like the way the cascading guitar riffs and backing drums are ever presence to clearly differentiate it from the clear cut dance music scene. I actually like Tara Simmons vocals in this piece to, although they are purposefully distorted it adds to the futuristic nature of the track.

In addition to the new single, there has also been a pretty funny music video released. It details a pretty unusual love romance story with a dog, which itself is looking pretty suave and star-wars-eque in his space goggles. Add some lasers and shots of Tara Simmons singing, and you have a clip that really encompasses the futuristic feel, and dancy vibes. Check it out…


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