The Griswolds – Colourful Chameleons

Sydney indie pop rockers The Griswolds absolutely blew me away when I saw them supporting The Last Dinosaurs at Oxford Art Factory last Saturday.

Their unearthed profile describes themselves as chameleons and with that knowledge their stage appearance now makes sense. They were covered in glow in the dark paint, their clothes were a massive variety of colours, and some guy was even rocking double denim. It all helped to add to a great happy, bouncy ‘we rock this show’ attitude the band showed on stage. And their music was pretty good too.

They have so far released one single, called ‘Mississippi’ and its a killer of a track. It opens with some great loud harmonies, and a nice hi-hat routine on the drums. The guitars soar, picking their way through some joyous riffs, and the vocals are happy and hit the high notes with finesse. Its a great happy, indie pop tune, and sounds amazing live. You can download this song for free on their unearthed profile, so be sure to check it out.

Unfortunately this is the only track they have released, and I am devastated I couldn’t have bought their EP at the show, but it is apparently forthcoming. Their set was fun, and I particularly liked one thumping tune in which they had three members manning separate drums. If that is not cool and something different, I don’t know what is.

So keep you eyes and ears ready, because after watching their awesome set on Saturday I am really excited for future Griswold releases.

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