OXBLVD – Sleazy Folk Rock

OXBLVD (pronounced Ox Blood) are a indie-folk four piece from Sydneys Northern Beaches and having seen them make an appearance supporting The Rubens last week I can profess that they deliver a pretty kick ass set.

The vocals by Ed Worland are pretty sensational and the band more than backs him up. ‘Oh Oh’ is a cool little folk tune that will have you dusting off your boots and boogieing in your barn before the end of the first bar. It is quite reminiscent of early Kings of Leon, which is never a bad thing. The drumming is tight and drives the song along well, but I particularly love the guitar solo around the 1.30 mark. It was at that point in the song I was like ‘these guys are awesome,  where are these guys playing next?’. Its a pretty cool little track. I have included a live version of ‘Oh Oh’ below, but if you want to listen to the song in the best quality I suggest you visit their unearthed page and have a listen there.

The other track I was able to hunt down was ‘Tease Me’.  Listening to this song, you can almost taste the cheap whisky and grungy smell of that local pub that is so gross you never go in, it is sleazy folk rock at its best. Yet I am a little devastated these were the only songs I could find, because OXBLVD delivered a pretty sweet set, and I want more. Here’s to hoping an EP isn’t far away.


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