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Dappled Cities – New Single ‘Run With The Wind’

Dappled Cities

After a three year wait, I was beginning to think Dappled Cities critically acclaimed 2009 album ‘Zounds’ was the band at their peak, but their cool new single ‘Run With The Wind’ may suggest otherwise.

It is a track dominated by the beautifully catchy vocal hook and appropriate question “Why so starry eyed?”. I love everything about it, the opening drums, Dave Rennick’s high pitched vocals, the soaring guitars and in particular the repetitive step-laddering keyboard melody. I love the way it comes together to create such a quirky and unique tune. Its sounds so different to much of the music that has been coming out of Australia and I love it. Did I mention I love it?

The only thing I don’t love  about it (in fact I hate it) is the accompanying youtube clip, which was a bit random and nowhere to the standard of the song it was supporting. But apparently the boys are all fans of bikes. Whatever floats your boat I guess, at least the song is freaking awesome.

After hearing this song a couple of weeks back it has been playing continuously on my iTunes, iPod and car stereo. And when I’m away from technology its on permanent repeat in by brain, the soundtrack to my dreams, my background music when walking, and my entertainment when spaced out. The great thing is I don’t mind it clicking over again and again in my head, its a song that just hits the spot every time.

With their fourth studio album due out shortly, ‘Run With The Wind’ suggests that Dappled Cities may be about to blow us away with something special. Here to hoping!







Parklife announces Festival Dates – Line-up To Come


Festival promoters Fuzzy have just announced the dates for the increasingly popular Parklife Festival, an absolute must for lovers of dance-able indie music. Although the line-up is yet to be announced, with previous acts such as Adrian Lux, The Wombats, and Duck Sauce you can expect another killer selection of festival favourites, ‘It’ bands, and many up and comers from Australia and around the world.

The other big news is that the Sydney Parklife has a new home, having moved from Kippax Lake in Centennial Park around the corner to Loch Avenue South, which comprises the rolling Moreton Bay Fig-flanked slopes of the Brazilian Fields. It is also a sentimental return, with the new site being right next to the original Parklife site from 2000.

Have a look at the dates below, put them in your diary/wall planner/ memory bank, and we will keep you updated as more news becomes available.


Parklife Brisbane

Saturday 29th September

Riverstage and Botanic Gardens


Parklife Sydney

Sunday 30th September

Centennial Park


Parklife Perth

Monday 1st October

Wellington Square


Parklife Melbourne

Saturday 6th October

Sidney Myer Music Bowl and Kings Domain


Parklife Adelaide

Sunday 7th October

Botanic Park, Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

Rockets – Nothing to Say EP


Sydney indie four-piece Rockets are due to release their second EP ‘Nothing to Say’ full of dirty indie soaked rock n roll next month.

Rockets are kind of what I imagined would result if the Strokes Julian Casablancas and Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner got married, had four boys and gave them some instruments. They have those fantastic baselines synonymous with both bands and the vocals by Hewett Cook are scratchy but melodic and give off that  dirty, smart-arse vibe that characterises the Arctic Monkeys.

‘McBird’ is one of my favourite tracks off the EP, and shows off the vocals of Hewett Cook perfectly. The track is also exceptionally well layered from the bouncy beginning, to the slow vocal verses, before finally erupting into the chorus where everybody joins in. I love the intricate little guitar riffs peppered throughout and how the bass, guitars and drums all come together in the climax to create a sound that is almost like one awesome instrument.

The good news is that the rest of the tracks are also pretty awesome, and its nigh on impossible to pin-point a weak link in the EP. ‘Cools J’Tard’ is another favourite which is laced with killer bass riffs. ‘The Night Off’ is a bit more fast-paced and has some cool drumming patterns. There is also the slower ‘Sparring Partners’, and ‘Tell You Nothing’ which bring you more solid indie rock tunes.

This EP was a real find, and Rockets are definitely a band to watch in the future. ‘Nothing to Say’ is released on June 8th and be sure to get your hands on it. Until then have a peak at the bands facebook and unearthed pages to download a couple of the tracks, or you can stream the EP in full here.

The Strums – Aren’t You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down EP Review


Brisbane indie rock four-piece The Strums have just released their debut EP entitled ‘Aren’t You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down’.

Their 5 track EP is a pretty solid effort from the boys who are producing some classic raw indie rock. It is  an enjoyable listen and you can tell from the way the tracks come together and the instruments being used that the boys would sound pretty awesome live.

The two stand out tracks from the EP have to be ‘Lotta Good People’ and ‘Two and Two is Three’. In ‘Lotta Good People’ I love the progressive build up to each chorus and am an absolute sucker for the way the music stops dead at the end of each verse. ‘Two and Two is Three’ is probably the track that really brings everything together the best. It opens really cool guitar solo, has the catchiest chorus, and ends with another sick riff. It is the one track that I found myself singing along to on only the second listen, its pretty catchy.

The other tracks give you more fast paced indie rock, but also each have something that makes them different to the last. ‘Run Ma Little Heart’ has the inclusion of the group ooh-oohs, ‘Passive Smoke’ has some cool rhetoric before jumping into the music, and ‘Gimme Some Hope’ is dominated by a pretty sick guitar riff.

Having first heard The Strums slow emotional track  ‘Oh River‘ which was inspired by their direct experiences during the Queensland floods, it was clear the boys had talent. Luckily they have let it shine through in what is a pretty fun bouncy album.




Art of Sleeping – Live Review at Oxford Art Factory

From @selectmusic

from @selectmusic

I caught Art of Sleeping at the Oxford Art Factory last Thursday playing in support of Owl Eyes ‘Crystallized’ Tour.

The first thing I want to make very clear, is that Art of Sleeping have no right to be a support act, and this will surely be their last tour in doing so. If not, the world really has gone mental.

From the opening track to the end, they rocked. But it wasn’t just your average band putting on a solid show,they defined stage presence. Art of Sleeping created this whole atmosphere around their music, and I swear the mood in the room changed, the air became heavier and everyone was totally absorbed in the performance on stage. I felt like I had experienced some sort of divine intervention, or maybe it was just because the front man, Caleb Hodges, had an uncanny resembelence to Jesus. Given how incredible his vocals actually were, I wouldn’t be suprised if it was actually the man himself.

The two standout tracks had to be ‘Colourblind’ and ‘Empty Hands’, but their whole set was explosive. They soak atmospheric rhythms with reverb guitars like no other band I have seen on the circuit lately. It was hard to pick a weak moment in their set. They are one band who you should definitely catch live and whose upcoming EP I cannot wait to hear! Here’s to hoping for a short wait.

Field Trip – Cream EP

Field Trip

Field Trip are an indie four-piece out of Melbourne who released their debut EP ‘Cream’ earlier this year.

Title track ‘Cream’ is a happy tune that will easily have you bopping along. It matches the driving beats of the drums with the bass and ably supports both with some catchy guitar hooks. The vocals slide in elegantly to create a track that is enjoyable, fun and catchy. Check it out below in the youtube clip below.

The other standout track was ‘Give Me A Break’, which was a bit more upbeat. I liked the pulsating drumming and the interjection of the tambourine during the breaks. The guitar riff that kicks the song off is fantastic and continues its way throughout the track, mixing well with the solid bassline. Its a really fun finger-tapping track, and pure fast-paced indie goodness.

The track ‘You Make me Sleepy’ is really a nod towards their shoegazer influences and reminds me a bit of a slower Oasis number, being slow and sway worthy. ‘Sleeve of Skin’ is a thumping piece with hazy vocals, and waning guitars that really hits the spot. It is overall a pretty cool EP that will leave you more than happy to click the repeat button on your iPod.

You can download the EP in full here for free, or on their facebook page so be sure to check it out. Its a pretty cool listen.

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