O’ Little Sister – One Girl Band

O’ Little Sister is comprised solely by Lucinda Johnson armed with her acoustic guitar, a glockenspiel and one amazing voice.

Johnson’s unique voice is what really makes all her tracks so enjoyable. Its soft, sweet and able to scale the high notes so smoothly and easily one cannot listen without a little degree of awe and jealousy. Apart from the beautiful vocals, the lyrics in each of the songs are also pretty strong which help to create pretty captivating and emotional listen. ‘Paper Hearts’ illustrates all these points, and is a fantastic melancholy track that I have been listening to over and over lately. I have attached a soundcloud clip below for you guys to have a listen.

Be sure to head over to O’ Little Sister’s unearthed page, where there are three tracks featuring her amazing vocals available for free download, including ‘Paper Hearts’. I also recommend you follow her on her youtube channel which is regularly updated with new songs. In addition, O’ Little Sister is planning to release her debut EP later this year, so I am sure there is much more to come from Lucinda Johnson.

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