Bec Sandridge – A Voice Too Kind

Sydney soloist Bec Sandridge blew me away last Thursday when I saw her as the second support for Husky at Oxford Art Factory.

The thing that stands out about Bec Sandridge is the quirkiness of her vocals. Her singing is at quite a high pitch, but it isn’t glass shattering or painful, but rather beautiful and  in many ways quite reminiscent of Kate Bush. It is certainly something different, and captivated me when I watched her on stage. Her guitar work is also pretty solid, and it was great to watch her finger picking her way through the intricacies of her songs whilst singing away. She is clearly quite the musician.

Her three tracks on unearthed, ‘Lyons and Bees’, ‘Too Kind’ and ‘Worst Ghost’ are all pretty sweet listens. I love the bounciness of ‘Too Kind’, but ‘Lyons and Bees’ (featured in part below) is probably my favourite of the tracks. I just love the blend of her smooth voice, guitar chords, and the driving beats from the drums. Its a great relaxed track. Anyway, make sure you check out her unearthed page and have a good listen, its well worth the time.

Also if you have a look at Bec’s facebook page, she has a couple more gigs coming up, so if you can try and get to one of those shows. You won’t regret it.

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