The Pennys – Dying to Know

The Pennys are a five piece from Wollongong that have been making some pretty funky folk/pop/rock sounds, of which the track “Dying to Know’ really stands out.

‘Dying to Know’ is a great track that encompasses some solid drumming, guitars and vocals. The thing that really stands out about this song is the layering of the instruments. There are some clever breaks, a cool guitar solo about 2 minutes in, a drumming solo at the 3.30 mark, and a continuous and solid bass line. Everybody gets there chance to shine in this track, and it culminates in a great listen. In addition, you can download the track for free from the Pennys unearthed page.

The band are also doing a bit of touring at the moment, and are playing the Annandale later this month on the 24th. So if you’re free go and check them out.

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