Hello Hokkaido – On Fire

I have had a great track by Hello Hokkaido called ‘Jesus Boots’ that’s been in my iTunes library for ages, and its great to see the Brisbane boys have finally released some new tracks on unearthed before an official debut EP later this year.

‘The Divide’ is a great indie pop track characterized by an amazing mix of pulsating drums, husky vocals and soaring keys. There are several things that I really love about ‘The Divide’. Firstly, it is difficult to beat the way the keys interject and provide a really poppy bouncy feel to the track. Secondly, I love the way the music builds up to each verse of vocals. Starting from the opening of the track, each climactic jam is intense and in many ways reminds of legendary rockers The Who. It is a song with two sides, rocky drums and guitars and then poppy keyboards. But they all blend together so well. Its awesome.

‘The Fire’ is their other track and it doesn’t disappoint either. It has more of that rock sound that is again broken up the keyboards. The vocals are perhaps a bit stronger on this track, and they also make great use of some clever breaks creating another great listen. The great news is that both tracks are available for free off their unearthed page.

Whatever Hello Hokkaido have been doing since their ‘Jesus Boots’ release has really paid off. I love their rockier feel, and especially the way the keyboards puncture the bass line. With an EP due out later this year, I have some pretty high expectations and cannot wait for its release. I also hope the boys can make it to Sydney for a show, because I want to see them live real bad.

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  1. David O
    May 11, 2012 at 12:09 pm (6 years ago)

    The sound from these guys is infectious. I’ll admit I’ve been lazy and haven’t been into Brisbane to see the guys live, but that will soon change. I quickly found myself grooving along to The Fire when I first heard it. On top of the great music they are also just great lads. I’m almost certainly biased because I play football (soccer) with 2 of them, but you’ll struggle to find 2 nicer blokes and absolute team players than the Hello Hokkaido guys. Do yourself a favour and get to the Unearthed site now to hear their stuff. While you’re at it, ‘Like’ their page on Facebook. You won’t be disappointed!


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