Molly Contogeorge – Glasshouse Living EP

Molly Contogeorge has had a pretty good start to 2012, releasing her sophomore EP ‘Glasshouse Living’,  doing “tonnes” of gigs, and even has some TV appearances lined up for May. Not a bad start at all.

Her EP ‘Glasshouse Living’ is really interesting listen, with Contogeorge’s vocals being a particular highlight. ‘Lead On’ is a catchy little tune that blends the best bits of jazz, pop and rock, and is my favourite track on the EP. The vocals by Molly Contogeorge sound like they have been plucked straight off the stage from a 60s jazz club, smooth, mysterious and full of soul. Add the driving rock beats, pop piano melodies and you have a pretty catchy track. I just love the way the song blends the genres together, its a great track.

The other three tracks continue to blend genres, but each brings something slightly different. ‘Lock and Key’ uses some cool breaks and beat changes, ‘Glasshouse Living’ encompasses a richer jazz feel, whilst ‘Why’ uses the back-up singers to good effect in a really soulful track. You can stream the EP in full here, so be sure to check it out. And if your keen to catch a live show, Contogeorge is also doing a gig at ‘Notes’ in Newtown on Friday the 18th.

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