The Medics – Foundations Album Review


Queensland band The Medics are finally releasing their much hyped debut full length album, ‘Foundations’ this Friday.

Their three killer singles off the album, ‘Griffin’, ‘Joseph’ and ‘Beggars’ have already received airplay on Triple J, so we had an inkling as to what to expect from the Cairns boys. Luckily the rest of the album did not disappoint.

The thing that stands out in ‘Foundations’ is the way The Medics don’t just entertain you, but drive you emotionally. Each song tells a story, and the vocals by Kahl Wallace are haunting in every sense of the word. The album is also really well mastered in that they have managed to capture the intensity of a live performance, without actually making a live album. Its pretty incredible.

Of the songs that haven’t been released as singles, ‘Deadman’ is one track that really stands out. Firstly because it opens up a little lighter than the other tracks but also because its lyrically pretty frightening. Its a dark track, and the way the initial slow plucks of the guitars and woody percussion gradually increase into a climactic ending really hit the spot for me. Its a fantastic song.

I really liked the inclusion of the acoustic tribute ’50 Years’. It just gave the album that little something different and showed that despite their increased popularity, nothing has gone to their heads, its a real down to earth touch. ’50 Years’ is also probably my favourite of the tracks not already released as a single. I just like the way the acoustic guitar, bass drum and husky vocals mix at the lower tempo.

The Medics have released a fantastic album in ‘Foundations’. Its unique, varied in sound, and such a great listen. The band has really come in leaps and bounds since ‘A Boat Called Love’, and I can’t wait to catch them as they tour the country in support of their ‘Foundations’ release.

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