Nantes announce New Single and Tour

Sydney band Nantes have already had a pretty good 2012 playing Big Day Out, supporting Ball Park Music, and now to top it all off announcing a new single ‘Unsatisfy’ and tour to boot.

‘Unsatisfy’ is released officially on June 1st, but Triple Js Home and Hosed, listeners would have already had a sneak preview to the track. ‘Unsatisfy’ combines intense rhythmic drumming, dense guitar riffs and those soaring vocal choruses the band has become renowned for. Although much darker and heavier than their previous releases ‘Fly’ and ‘Charlie’, I must admit I like the new sound. I particularly like the chanting vocals and the inclusion of the spooky hook at the end of each chorus. The videoclip is also pretty cool, so check it out at the bottom of the page.

In terms of touring the band will be hitting Melbourne (15th June), Adelaide (16th June), Sydney (21st & 30th June), Gold Coast (22nd June) and Brisbane (23rd June), so keep your eyes posted for when tickets become available.

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