Field Trip – Cream EP

Field Trip are an indie four-piece out of Melbourne who released their debut EP ‘Cream’ earlier this year.

Title track ‘Cream’ is a happy tune that will easily have you bopping along. It matches the driving beats of the drums with the bass and ably supports both with some catchy guitar hooks. The vocals slide in elegantly to create a track that is enjoyable, fun and catchy. Check it out below in the youtube clip below.

The other standout track was ‘Give Me A Break’, which was a bit more upbeat. I liked the pulsating drumming and the interjection of the tambourine during the breaks. The guitar riff that kicks the song off is fantastic and continues its way throughout the track, mixing well with the solid bassline. Its a really fun finger-tapping track, and pure fast-paced indie goodness.

The track ‘You Make me Sleepy’ is really a nod towards their shoegazer influences and reminds me a bit of a slower Oasis number, being slow and sway worthy. ‘Sleeve of Skin’ is a thumping piece with hazy vocals, and waning guitars that really hits the spot. It is overall a pretty cool EP that will leave you more than happy to click the repeat button on your iPod.

You can download the EP in full here for free, or on their facebook page so be sure to check it out. Its a pretty cool listen.

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