The Strums – Aren’t You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down EP Review

Brisbane indie rock four-piece The Strums have just released their debut EP entitled ‘Aren’t You Picking Up What I’m Putting Down’.

Their 5 track EP is a pretty solid effort from the boys who are producing some classic raw indie rock. It is  an enjoyable listen and you can tell from the way the tracks come together and the instruments being used that the boys would sound pretty awesome live.

The two stand out tracks from the EP have to be ‘Lotta Good People’ and ‘Two and Two is Three’. In ‘Lotta Good People’ I love the progressive build up to each chorus and am an absolute sucker for the way the music stops dead at the end of each verse. ‘Two and Two is Three’ is probably the track that really brings everything together the best. It opens really cool guitar solo, has the catchiest chorus, and ends with another sick riff. It is the one track that I found myself singing along to on only the second listen, its pretty catchy.

The other tracks give you more fast paced indie rock, but also each have something that makes them different to the last. ‘Run Ma Little Heart’ has the inclusion of the group ooh-oohs, ‘Passive Smoke’ has some cool rhetoric before jumping into the music, and ‘Gimme Some Hope’ is dominated by a pretty sick guitar riff.

Having first heard The Strums slow emotional track  ‘Oh River‘ which was inspired by their direct experiences during the Queensland floods, it was clear the boys had talent. Luckily they have let it shine through in what is a pretty fun bouncy album.




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