Dappled Cities – New Single ‘Run With The Wind’

After a three year wait, I was beginning to think Dappled Cities critically acclaimed 2009 album ‘Zounds’ was the band at their peak, but their cool new single ‘Run With The Wind’ may suggest otherwise.

It is a track dominated by the beautifully catchy vocal hook and appropriate question “Why so starry eyed?”. I love everything about it, the opening drums, Dave Rennick’s high pitched vocals, the soaring guitars and in particular the repetitive step-laddering keyboard melody. I love the way it comes together to create such a quirky and unique tune. Its sounds so different to much of the music that has been coming out of Australia and I love it. Did I mention I love it?

The only thing I don’t love  about it (in fact I hate it) is the accompanying youtube clip, which was a bit random and nowhere to the standard of the song it was supporting. But apparently the boys are all fans of bikes. Whatever floats your boat I guess, at least the song is freaking awesome.

After hearing this song a couple of weeks back it has been playing continuously on my iTunes, iPod and car stereo. And when I’m away from technology its on permanent repeat in by brain, the soundtrack to my dreams, my background music when walking, and my entertainment when spaced out. The great thing is I don’t mind it clicking over again and again in my head, its a song that just hits the spot every time.

With their fourth studio album due out shortly, ‘Run With The Wind’ suggests that Dappled Cities may be about to blow us away with something special. Here to hoping!







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