June 2012 archive

Lost Weekends – Swallow Your Pill


Lost Weekends are four-piece indie dance outfit based in Melbourne who have captured our attention with catchy tune ‘Swallow Your Pill‘.

‘Swallow Your Pill’ is an incredible track. At first listen you think it is all rock, which to a degree it is. But underlying the guitars and drums is this fantastic baseline that you can easily get your groove to – that’s the dance part. The vocals are pretty different too, being loud, intense and confronting, but still pretty easy on the ears. ‘Swallow Your Pill’ is dirty, grungy indie rock at its best, a real headbanging track you can dance to on a night out, perhaps that adds a bit of irony to the title.

Be sure to check them out on unearthed and give their other equally dance-able track ‘Skoosh‘ a twirl. Keep an eye on these guys.

Purple Sheep – Shadow


Purple Sheep is a cool indie rock band from the mid-North Coast of NSW that have really grabbed our attention with their catchy tune ‘Shadow‘.

‘Shadow’ is a full on sensory experience and probably more in the rock than indie camp in terms of categorising their sound. Underpinned by some tight drumming and soaring guitars, the bands solid rock sound is broken up by a beautifully delicate piano melody. The female vocals are a real hit for me, making the band sound instantly differnt to much of the other indie rock around at the moment. The fact that the vocal hooks tear it up are merely a fantastic bonus!

What an awesome track to debut with on Unearthed, lets hope they keep it coming!

Tales in Space – Starwars


Tales in Space are a brilliant & awesome pair of chaps from Sydney, Luke Bert & Pieman, who write, play & record their own tunes and, you know, occasionally in their spare time dress up as scientists and conduct experiments.

You may have heard of these guys as they released an EP in 2010 with a RAD little catchy song called ‘Work You Out’ that a fair bit of airplay. Then came ‘Ghost In The Room‘, other cool stuff like a cover of Adele’sRolling In The Deep‘ for a Ministry of Sound comp, and loads funky remixes including Dappled Cities, John Steel Singers & Art Vs Science.

For their new track, ‘Starwars‘ seems like a somewhat inappropriate title, given all I could hear in the track was the hours and hours I spent as a kid playing Supermario on my block of a gameboy. It was not the laser and tie-fighter noises I was expecting, but I admit to enjoying the surprise, although perhaps lacking the oomph their previous releases. The track does comes with a pretty cool video though, where the pair become crazy mad scientists.

This new track does signal the boys are out of hibernation so hopefully we can expect some new stuff before 2012 is out.

The Falls – Home

The Falls

Bringing you some awesome new folk music is double act The Falls from Sydney, and their warm new single ‘Home‘.

‘Home’ is perhaps best characterized by earnest storytelling and beautifully melodic harmonies between Simon and Melinda. The Falls have this amazing ability to create songs that everyone can relate to, and do so in such a touching way. The hand claps manage to capture the true emotion in the story, and almost seem to beat with your own heart. I also love the subtle use of the strings and keys just to give the track that little extra homely touch. In short ‘Home’ is a real feel good song, done simply and effectively.

The great news is that The Falls are releasing their debut EP ‘Hollywood’ named after the little bar in Surrey Hills, Sydney where they got their break, this July. If home is anything to judge by, we could be in for a treat!


Red Ink – Euphoria


Being a massive Red Ink fan, the song title really matched my feelings upon finding out the Melbourne boys had just dropped a new single, ‘Euphoria‘.

The boys from Red Ink have done it again, and if you’re not totally absorbed by the intro, then I guarantee you will be sucked in by the awesome screeching guitar solo about 30 seconds in. The almost iconic Red Ink pulsating drum and soaring guitar jams at the end of each chorus are a particular highlight, whilst John Jakubenko’s vocals are at their powerful, husky best. ‘Euphoria’ is soo well layered, it takes off at the start, smashes it up through the middle and finishes with a fantastic blow you away finale. Another cracking track from the lads.

With this being the first single of their impending EP, we are getting very excited! I just wish Red Ink would hurry up and drop their new EP ‘The Colour Age‘ already!

Money For Rope – Misery Lane


If you loved ‘Ten Times‘ by the Melbourne based rock outfit Money for Rope, then you will love their new tune ‘Misery Lane‘.

Whilst ‘Ten Times’ was short, fast and sweet, ‘Misery Lane’ is a longer more low-fi track with a more complete rounded sound. With two drum kits, two guitars and a bass the track bombards you from all angles, but comes together nicely to give off an organised rhythmic swagger. The track has this fantastic marching beat, and the deep vocals to match. Its a real winner and one that we can’t get enough of. Bring us more (perhaps an album full) and make it fast!


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