Kurt Sines – Wander

Brisbane muso Kurt Sines is topping the Triple J unearthed charts with a cool indie electric tune called ‘Wander’.

Opening with the bongos, I was expecting the track to erupt into the ever popular calypso style of indie pop emanating from Brisbane. How wrong I was. Instead I was treated to an keyboard synth melody that despite reminding me a bit of Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’ was pretty catchy. Luckily the hazy vocals and the indie composition to the track was far better than that ‘fireflies’ filth. Sines manages to clash his chilled vocals with the upbeat tunes to create a track that has this switched on pre-night out vibe. Its a pretty wicked track and left my ears feeling pretty stoked.

Be sure to check out his unearthed page to download the ‘Wander’ in full, and his youtube channel for more details about this indie-electro up and comer.

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