Giselle Roselli – Craving Silk

You may not have heard of Giselle Roselli, but I guarantee you would recognise her voice, having sung the vocals in Flight Facilities hit ‘Crave You’.

Now the singer is back with her own single called ‘Silk’. Giselle’s  vocals make this song, and you can’t help but float up and down as she hits each note. They are smooth, silky (ironically) and to sum it all up, flawless. On top of that, the horns and strings in the background are delicate and amplify the tenderness of Giselle’s voice, as well as adding that little something different. Everything just comes together so well. Its the kind of track that can really turn your mood around, it just discharges all the stress of your day instantly. I am a real fan, and have fallen in love with Giselle’s soft, tender voice.

All I can say is “Dear Miss Roselli,  please give us more”.

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