Battleships – In Retrospect…

Just when you thought indie rock was getting pretty same-same, Sydney based band Battleships have blown that conception out of the water with some wicked new tunes.

Their debut single ‘In Retrospect’ has already been doing the rotations on the Js, and rightly so. It is an intense track that mixes beautiful whispy harmonies,  atmospheric guitars and driving beats to create a deeply haunting song. It has this clever knack of building up to what you think is an all in rock climax, before instead continuing on with this calm ‘not yet’ demeanor.

In is kind of what I imagined would result if the Medics did a collaboration with Coldplay. They have similar vocals and the intensity of the Medics, but the guitar work and in particular the progressive build up throughout the track just screams early Coldplay. Regardless, its an awesome track.

Battleships also do a pretty awesome live set, and it was hard to pin point a weak point when I saw them at Rock Lily last Thursday. Despite looking like a band of indie kids with an ex-catholic priest for a front man, they do posses this aura about them on stage. Each song was fantastic atmospheric indie rock. They also did an absolutely killer cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’, perhaps better as they could actually perform it well live (snap).

With plans for another single and then eventually an EP towards to the end of the year, expect much more from these guys.

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