Benny and The Dukes – Rendez-vous for Big Things

Benny and the Dukes are a pop rock outfit from the Gold Coast that are one of my favourites to take out Triple Js unearthed high competition.

Considering the maturity and complexity shown in their music, its hard to believe these guys are still in school. They manage to blend the drums, trumpet, guitar, and sax to create this sound that is as dallop of pop, smidgen of rock, and topped off with sprinkling of Mexican folk. Its different and its awesome.

Their track ‘Rendez-Vous’ has rapidly become one of favourite tracks of the year to date. It has everything, smooth vocals, dancey beats and this amazingly fun and positive vibe. I am a sucker for brass, so the fact they have also managed to include the sax and trumpet is a real plus. The vocals by Ben Provest are also worth a special mention, as he possesses a voice that is crystal clear, full of emotion and manages to ride with the music perfectly. Its a cracking track so be sure to have a listen to them on unearthed, download their tracks and give them a vote for the unearthed high comp.

Their other two tracks, ‘Balloon Head’ and ‘Raffles on Capri’ are equally as good, and goes to show that Benny and the Dukes are no future ‘one hit wonders’, they have the gift. This is one band that is going places!


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