Charlie Mayfair – Waste Me Video Clip

Brisbane five-piece outfit Charlie Mayfair have released a new video clip for their track ‘Waste Me’ off their EP ‘Fall in Time’ which is due to be released tomorrow!

‘Waste Me’ has more off that distinct Charlie Mayfair sound with the vocals by Hannah Shepard hitting and holding some long high pitched notes. The drumming drives the track forward, being occasionally flanked by some squeaky guitar riffs that creates this sense of urgency to the track. The repetitive fading vocal arrangements after the chorus give the song a bit of a unsettled if not haunting vibe which combined with the drums amplify this notion of fear. This is all really well captured in the video clip, which illustrates the intensity of the track perfectly.

With their EP ‘Fall in Time’ launching tomorrow, Charlie Mayfair are also out on the road, playing in the Gold Coast tonight, before dates in Byron Bay (June 9th) and Brisbane (June 10th). Hopefully there are some more dates announced for those people South of the Queensland border.

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