Paisley Park – Grand Canopy EP

With a name inspired by a Prince song, you would be fooled into thinking Sydney based Paisley Park are band trying to relive the 80s. Luckily, the band is years ahead and producing some chilled indie folk tunes that serenade you, carry you away and leave you in a relaxed state of contemplation.

Featuring on the debut EP ‘Grand Canopy’ is the peaceful track ‘Little Bit’, which blends the folk and indie genres perfectly. ‘Little Bit’ is underpinned by this beautiful and precise guitar pattern that is so sweet it continues to play in your head long after the track has ended. I also love the slow steady beats that lead into this fantastic low-fi drum solo midway through the track. Meanwhile the layered vocals help convey so much emotion and create this heavy melancholy ambiance. Its an amazing track, that like many of the Paisely Park tunes grows on you with every listen.

Their debut EP ‘Grand Canopy’ is amazing blend of plucky banjos, tender percussion and the soft emotional voice of Cal Thompson. Paisley Park’s music gives off such a relaxed vibe and the band is a real find, so be sure to download their chilled EP for free below.

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