Bertie Blackman – New Single Mercy Killer

Bertie Blackman has dropped the first single ‘Mercy Killer’ off her upcoming album ‘Pope Innocent X’ due for release later this year.

The song is inspired by an experience in which Bertie deleted a friends text message without them knowing, and once again shows off her amazing vocal talent. The track uses some cool shooting synth effects but is really made by this fabulous mixed percussion beat. The precise and catchy layering off the xylophone is awesome and breaks up the intensity of the track before it jumps into a bass heavy climax. It is a really catchy and fun song that loops a range of different tunes to create one awesome track.

Bertie has also given us a little personal insight to the track on youtube, so be sure to check that out. Although there a no tour dates yet, I am sure they will follow given her impending album release in August. Now we just have to do that awkward irritating thing called waiting.

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