Asta – Heart is On Fire

Tasmania is home to up and coming indie pop darling Asta who is one of the top picks for this years Triple J Unearthed High competition.

Asta has released a really catchy track called ‘My Heart is on Fire’ which is an incredible blend of electro and acoustic guitar. It’s like folk music got over taken by robots! More incredibly is that Asta has managed to put the entire track together independetly, quite a feat given the many facets in the music.

The track mixes the steady plucks of the acoustic guitar, with catchy keyboard melodies whilst this undertow of drum beats drive the song on. Asta has also managed to include hand-claps, some good breaks and these layered harmonies helping to give ‘My Heart is on Fire’ such an accomplished sound. I also love Asta’s voice, she has such strong intense vocals and enunciates each lyric so clearly that she just grabs your attention and holds it. ‘My Heart is On Fire’ is an amazing track, so be sure to download it from Asta’s unearthed page and have a listen to her other tracks ‘Joey’ and the Fiest-esque ‘Young Love’.

Asta possesses some incredible song writing skills, a strong voice and is blending acoustic and electro like nobody else, so watch out for Asta to make it big in the not so distant future.

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