The Griswolds – Heart of a Lion

Following on from their super catchy tune ‘Mississipi’ is the Griswolds second single ‘Heart of a Lion’.

‘Heart of a Lion’ combines that same energetic indie vibe from ‘Mississippi’, but perhaps with a dash more cheekiness than before. Particularly true given the song is about “the CEO of cheap assholes and petty woes”, a man called Steve Laverne. Unfortunately my quick facebook stalking session failed to uncover whether Steve was real or not, but he has definitely inspired one hell of a song.

You just have to love their fast driving jungle beats, the rolling guitars and the ever clear and cheeky vocals. ‘Heart of a Lion’ also has a really cool break and build up to the final chorus that then finishes with a cracking little drum solo. Listening to this track is like drinking too much red cordial, it leaves you happy, excited and with an unreasonable amount of energy that is difficult to expel.

Check out the awesome new video below, and if you like what you hear the Griswolds are giving away the track for free from their facebook page or bandcamp profile.

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