The Vanns – Rock, Roots, Indie, Swagger

Coming out of a garage in Kiama, NSW is the cool roots come indie come rock sound of The Vanns.

The Vanns deliver a pretty tight and complete sound, with their track ‘Don’ Hold Me Back’ in particular, just oozing swagger out of every note. It opens up with this calypso tune on the keys before bounding along into some really energetic spirited indie rock. The vocals are strong and delivered with such clarity, and I enjoyed the inclusion of the harmonies late on. I really love the all-in jams at the end of each chorus and the energy and bounciness this brings to the track, but special mention goes to the one hell of a guitar solo at about the 2:30 mark that just takes the track to the next level. ‘Don’t Hold Me Back’ is a freaking awesome track, FACT, indisputable.

‘Don’t Hold Me Back’ is a little more indie compared to the Vanns other tracks which are more of the roots/blues rock variety.  ‘Crawl Back to You’ and ‘What you Want’ are bluesy rock numbers through and through, soaked in soft bass and giving off this dark dirty rock vibe. In many ways these two tracks are a little reminiscent of the currently popular blues rock outfit The Rubens, and will hopefully have similar levels of recognition.

Be sure to check The Vanns out on their Facebook and Unearthed pages, where you can get downloads of all three tracks. You can also catch the band in action on June 27 playing at Valve Bar, Tempe in Sydney’s inner west with more details here.

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